Monyetta Monroe

Krissy was AWESOME! I normally do my own taxes but this year I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I found Krissy on FB and was hesitant at first so it took me a minute to reach out, but I am happy I did. It took me a while to send her my documents after I first contacted her because I am not an early filer. I just knew when I sent them I was not going to hear from her. But, she called me as soon as she received them and her attitude was the same as when I first spoke to her! I absolutely love her! Highly recommend!!

Eb Davis

This is my first time using a tax professional from Facebook. Most of my questions were answered within a timely manner and with life still happening she was able to get me a refund back as much as she could and an advance. I'm very thankful.

Valerie Davis

This was the absolute best Tax experience I have ever had. Very precise, yet punctual, professional. stress free and courteous service and I am happy I chose you to be my tax professional! You have a client for life! Oh and that quick loan though!

Deborah S. Archer

Highly recommended. I usually do my own taxes but this year was a little different. Thanks to CTS and staff I'm very pleased with my outcome and I know you will be too. Thanks Krystal. Best tax season in years.

Priscilla Mosley

Excellent service. I wouldn't choose to go anywhere else ever. She is very wonderful with letting you know what is going on and got me my first advance loan. Absolutely love her. Thank you for everything.

Cee Winston

Back in 2022 I went to Jackson Hewitt and the 'professional' I spoke with was very rude and I felt like they were in a rush to get me out and then on to the next person. Plus they said my filing status was wrong and I'd owe several thousand of dollars to the IRS without even taking their time to look through all my documents. I had enough and left! I came across Krissy in the tax Facebook group and had a very good feeling since all of the information she was putting out was very accurate. I reached out to her and she was very kind and didn't treat me like a number, but as a person, which meant so much. When it was all said and done she got me my LARGEST refund I've ever had and was very detailed with all of her findings to maximize my refund, I STRONGLY recommend her to anyone reading this and to my family/friends who are searching for a LEGIT tax professional. P.S. She got me back way more money than I expected AGAIN and I am SO HAPPY!